Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forrest yoga intensives 2011

after 8 morning intensives in a row, while doing my vibrantly full life, I rested this morning. I am awestruck at the "God damn genius" as I told someone in an interview today, that is Ana Forrest and her paradigm of yoga. It has helped me to become more courageous and prepared to speak my truth, like, for real...than ever before. Some of the themes we dealt with were; opening the heart, the ecstatic spectrum, emotional healing, feeding your needy spots!!, working with deeply held beliefs that healing is for everyone else but me, practicing pain free and pain freeing. I have the urge to shout out when I listen to her speak and pray in the morning intensives about being truly embodied and connecting to spirit with our humanity. I will be there in the am. Thank you Ana.

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