Monday, March 21, 2011


today, the focus of the intensive is enlivening a spot. I was lazy but worked as hard as I could. Often the results hit me after that practice. my breath was so available to me as a resource today. I often move through life overwhelmed with many things to attend to. today my breath was deep and strong, carrying me from my first to second job. I was teaching a class to teenagers. One of the other results of my practice was that I felt my fear more acutely but also more fluildly. I went to the place where I teach and I had a sense of how did I get here, what could I possibly have to offer? how an I going to get them to do this? the breath was right there to back up my brain, heart and words.

I also had a guest stay over who is another Forrest yoga teacher who I did my training with. She is so great. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by smart, connected, wonderful people.

ok to bed. 4:30 will be here quick like.

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