Friday, May 25, 2012

As I finish up my teaching semester, I am going to pick up my attempt to share and articulate the awesome work I get to do in the world. This photo certainly captures the essence. I love; 1. creating spaces where people feel safe 2. creating itself 3. creating using "junk" and making beauty with the discarded. 4. collaborating with organizations and people that do work that is exciting and meaningful to me.

This is a photo of a dollhouse house made by a group of girls at a boys and girls club in Boston. In my art classes, magic happens as we envision what else is possible with boxes, old trader joe's signs ( I have worked for tj's for 10 years) and numerous other cast off materials. This type of creating is contagious. As the girls continued to work on the dollhouse, taking it to further and further levels of excellence, other students asked themselves "what else does this project need?" This is the compelling thing about project based learning, especially when the project is student driven. My curiosity is how to foster this type of agency in learners of all ages.

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